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New Bike Shop @ Willamette University

Posted by Peter W on July 2, 2007

A while ago the Oregonian had a story about Lindsay Selser and the bike shop she helped create at Willamette University.

Cool highlights from Oregonian and other stories:

  • After her bike got stolen, she built up another bike with parts from the Center for Appropriate Tranport in Eugene. She then got the idea to open up a shop at WU.
  • She started with a $500 grant from the school and ended up raising $15,000. About $4000 came from a mini grant from CCC/ODOT.
  • The bike shop is in the Student union building, next to a bistro.
  • The shop is run by about a dozen volunteers.

Hopefully sometime this summer I’ll get a chance to check it out (if they’re open) and get more info and some pictures.

[update: photo attached]

Willamette University Bike Shop logo

Other coverage:


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