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A simple solution to Mess Transit?

Posted by Peter W on July 2, 2007

The Oregonian had an article showing that suburb-suburb mass transit commutes take much longer than commuting by car.

What are some possible solutions?

  1. Live closer! The article pointed out that it is difficult for transit agencies to get riders when everything is so sprawled out in suburbia. I wonder how many people need such huge yards and large houses? From my experience, the extra space gets filled with extra stuff that isn’t really necessary (and rarely used), and the yards are often empty and unused.
  2. Carpool. CarpoolMatchNW is an online carpool matching service for Oregon and SW Washington.
  3. Bike. Biking is a great option for commuting if your trip is 4-8 miles (todo: % of trips that are short?). Combining biking with public transit helps a lot, and I bet it would work well with carpooling too as long as the cars used had bike racks.
  4. Better city planning. Connect city centers with more and faster train links and have people bike to the city center.

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