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Rock Creek Bicycle Alliance

Posted by Peter W on May 18, 2007

If anyone from Portland Community College Rock Creek campus, or community members from the Rock Creek / Bethany area is reading this and interested in bicycles, I suggest checking out the Rock Creek Bicycle Alliance. From the website:

The Rock Creek Bicycle Alliance (RCBA) is a group of students, staff, and community members at the PCC Rock Creek campus, working to promote cycling for recreation and transportation.

The RCBA has recreational group bike rides leaving from PCC Rock Creek, offers free mechanic help, and is promoting both racing and commuting.

An important project that the RCBA is going to work on is helping ensure that the new North Bethany development is bike friendly (as bike friendly as a development of 10,000 people can be…), but that is another story.


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Bicycle Racing at Community Colleges – or Lack Thereof

Posted by Peter W on March 29, 2007

Why is it that the USA Cycling website only lists three community colleges as having registered bicycle racing teams? There are 314 teams from traditional colleges and universities.

There is Portland Community College, Front Range Community College, and Pueblo Community College. It is interesting that both Front Range and Pueblo are in Colorado. I wonder if having the US Olympic Training Center there helps.

There are probably a number of reasons community colleges don’t have teams; here are some I can think of:

  • Age: many students may be working adults with neither time nor inclination for racing.
  • Lack of prestige: people don’t brag about going to a community college, so why would they brag about racing for one?
  • Less time for racer development (i.e., only two years instead of four).
  • Faster leadership turnover (and more importantly, less time for previous leaders to train new leaders).
  • Lack of on-campus living: because students all live off campus, getting them together for group training rides may be more difficult, especially where the campus is in a suburban setting and students live far apart.

So now that the problems are laid out (did I miss any?) the question is, how can they be addressed?

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