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Public Transit, Public Art

Posted by Peter W on October 27, 2007

Seattle Bus Shelter
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This summer I went to Seattle and while I was up there I was amazed at some of their awesome bus shelters. The general color scheme matches their buses, and most shelters have different designs in the glass as well as unique designs painted on the wood paneling of the shelter. I think this is a great way to brighten the area, provide a more interesting & attractive environment for transit users, and artistically reflect the culture and history of the area.

Portland’s TriMet transit system has an art program but they seem to mainly focus on the MAX train stations. I think it would be great if we had more art incorporated into the bus system. I also wonder how Seattle and Portland’s public art incorporation into public transit compares with other cities.


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Shimano promoting cycling with video contest

Posted by Peter W on August 10, 2007

The bike component manufacturer, Shimano is now sponsoring a video competition on YouTube.

According to the site promoting the competition, the ads are geared to average members of the public:

Think of the videos as TV adverts extoling the virtues of bicycling to a mainstream audience. So, go light on Lycra. No techie stuff. No Critical Mass protest vids. No art installations. Just great images of cycling that could make Joe and Joanna Public get out there and rideā€¦for the sheer fun of cycling.

Films should be put up on the YouTube competition site by August 30, 2007 and a winner and two runners up will be announced at the Interbike trade show on September 27.

Here are a few of the cool videos available now:

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