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Ice Cream Trike Spotted in Beaverton

Posted by Peter W on August 16, 2007

Ice Cream Trike(?)

Originally uploaded by techieshark

I saw this guy in Beaverton on Tuesday night. Looks like he was selling ice cream from a special trike. Actually thats just my guess – for all I know he could be selling AK-47s or Matryoshka dolls from that thing. In any case, its good to see it happening on a pedal powered vehicle!

I would have stopped to check it out in more detail, and to get some ice cream if thats what it was, but, alas, I was stuck in a car! (Thats why the picture looks like crap – I was taking it on an older digital camera as we drove by. I had actually clicked the “take” button right as we passed at 10mph, but the camera has about a 1.5 second delay.

I wonder what other cool human powered vehicles are in waiting to be discovered in Beaverton?


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