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Nicest House in Aloha to go?

Posted by Peter W on August 14, 2007

There is a really nice house next to Errol Hassell Elementary School in Aloha which may soon be demolished to make way for 12-14 houses. (The sign says +/- 12, but my sister walks dogs in the neighborhood and one of her customers said they got a flier saying it would be 14 houses).

While walking past it the other day, my sister saw the following sign:

+/- 12 lot subdivision
August 16th 2007, 6 PM
Aloha United Methodist
2270 SW 198th

Its curious to me that the meeting isn’t right next door, at the elementary school. Perhaps they are trying to avoid angry neighbors?

The house was probably one of the first ones in the area. A friend of mine built it and lived in it for a number of years, back when Bany Road was gravel with farms along it, and back when the school didn’t exist and the neighborhoods behind the school were just forests.

The house is on an approximately 3 acre lot with lots of large coniferous trees. It would be a shame to see either the house or the trees go. I’ll try to make it to the meeting – hopefully I’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that the new development will be nice looking while preserving the trees and house.


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