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Posted by Peter W on August 2, 2007

I just got word of this fun bike trip in Hillsboro from the SHIFT email list. Sounds fun and I would definitely do it if I weren’t going bike camping at Oxbow Park. The details of this bikey museum trip are below:

Sunday August 5, 2007
11:15 am (Be on time, we have a MAX train to catch!)
Japanese American Historical Plaza, NW Couch & Naito Pkway (Waterfront) [ed: Note it *starts* in Portland]

Yes we are going to Rock n Roll on this exploration into the unknown depths of Hillsboro and Oregon’s geology. I say “exploration” because even I have not ventured where we will go – but hey we’ve got maps, we are taking the MAX most the way to and fro, and we will have a resident zoobomb geology professor with us on our journey. I doubt this will turn into the 24-hour sushi ride of Pedalpalooza – but who knows if we will come back the same as we left?!

Miles – not sure – but MAX will take many miles away from us (and hills!)
Length: Half day adventure! or more?
Note: If you’ve never taken your bike on the MAX, no worries, we’ll teach you how (come early)

The details: We are visiting the Rice NW Museum of Rocks & Minerals (Bring $5 for admission). We’ll take the MAX train from Chinatown to Hillsboro, ride to the museum and back to MAX with a detour in downtown Hillsboro where we will hunt down the famous A & W family sculptures! Eat a late breakfast or early lite lunch, and bring a picnic item to share – we will picnic at the Museum’s grounds once we arrive.

Cost: $5 Museum admission/ plus $2 for each way on MAX (Total $9), Bring picnic lunch item to share.
Contact: Carye Bye, bathtublady[at]gmail, Bathtub Art Museum, 503-248-4454

[Update: Check out the photos!]


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