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Washington County looking for cyclist to represent on Saltzman Rd project

Posted by Peter W on July 31, 2007

Washington County will be doing a major street project – turning NW Saltzman Rd to a three lane road with bike lanes. The county is looking for a member of the Washington County Bicycle Transportation Coalition to represent cyclists. Hopefully its not too late: “all focus group applications are due by July 30 and members will be selected by Aug. 15.”

I’d volunteer for it myself but I’m pretty busy. But here’s what I’d advocate for:

  • Colored bike lanes , concrete colored rather than black mainly to make the road appear more narrow.
  • Planted medians where there aren’t turn lanes
  • As few turn lane areas as possible
  • Lots of vegetation between road and sidewalk.
  • Dense bamboo in some of the median areas and between road and sidewalk.

What else would make a better bike friendly road? What about European style raised bike lanes?


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