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Update on Jennifer Knight case

Posted by Peter W on July 29, 2007

This is just a short update to the story first covered by

This Oregonian story covers the inequality between the fines received by cyclists in North Plains running stop signs and the fine Jennifer Knight received for killing Aloha cyclist Timothy O’Donnell (“Three cyclists are fined $1,005 at a rural stop sign, but a suspended driver who kills a rider pays $1,100”). It also talks about the anger from cyclists who wrote to the North Plains sheriff or who posted on and the response from the North Plains sheriff.

More interestingly, this article from the Forest Grove News Times reports that Jennifer Knight claims she didn’t know her license was suspended and details the timeline of her recent auto history. It also says that by the time that article was written, she was already three days late on paying her first $75 installment of her fine.

What I want to know is – what do they do if she doesn’t pay the fine? Considering her history and the fact that she is already late on just her first fine installment, I really doubt she feels too terribly about what happened. I also wonder if she has switched to cycling or public transportation to get around now, or if she is now driving without a license (again). In general, what do we do about dangerous people driving without licenses?


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