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Pedicab in Hillsboro!

Posted by Peter W on July 27, 2007

Who woulda thunkit? The Oregonian reports that downtown Hillsboro now has Pedicab service!

From the article:

“The pedal-powered, open-air bicycle taxi includes a sun/rain bonnet and luggage rack. It follows the same rules of the road as cars, taking a full lane of traffic.”

Apparently it’s off to a good start – on the first day 50 passengers used it! People hailed it from the transit center and others used it to get to their cars from the Tuesday Market.

I would think that this would be useful for the students at Pacific University’s health campus, or maybe even folks working at City Hall, to quickly get to some place for lunch.

If you want to use it,

“The pedicab is in the central Hillsboro area Monday through Saturday, then at Orenco on Sunday, Nelson said. People wanting a ride can hail the pedicab from the street or can arrange a ride beginning Aug. 1, Nelson said, by calling 503-648-5300. “

I wonder how long until we see one of these in downtown Beaverton, or maybe even North Bethany?


One Response to “Pedicab in Hillsboro!”

  1. Jen said

    Woah! That’s so cool. I hope this will really take off.

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