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Crash due to construction sign in Hillsboro

Posted by Peter W on July 11, 2007

According to an article in yesterday’s Hillsboro Argus, Hillsboro resident Steven Dowis had a bad crash on NW 231st Avenue at Campus Way [the article refers to Campus Court which I don’t think exists] just south of Cornell in the Orenco Station area.

Intersection of NW 231st and Campus Way, near Orenco Station A Hillsboro man was Life-flighted to Oregon Health Science University hospital Monday morning after crashing his bike into a construction sign on Northwest 231st Avenue near Northeast Campus Court.

Steven Dowis, 51, and another cyclist were northbound on 231st when Dowis struck a construction sign that was on the side of the road approximately 18 inches into the roadway, said Hillsboro Police Department Lt. Michael Rouches.

“This collision caused Mr. Dowis to tumble over the handlebars and strike his head on the road surface, causing head trauma,” Rouches said.

I’d be interested to know more about what happened – like what kind of construction is going on out there
(that section of road needs bike lanes and sidewalks, so I wonder if that is what they’re doing) and more importantly, why couldn’t they get the construction sign out of the way? Also, the article says no vehicles were involved but I do wonder if Steven had to swerve to avoid getting rear ended or something.


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