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Kudos to the Hillsboro Police

Posted by Peter W on June 12, 2007

It seems the Hillsboro Police are pretty bike and pedestrian friendly these days. They responded appropriately when I was hit by a car, and they are working on bike and pedestrian safety projects.

A couple weeks ago I was hit by a car while riding on 185th when the driver swerved to make a right hand turn on Evergreen. The police got there and investigated for a while then cited the driver for “failure to yeild to a bicyclist”.

And according to this recent article in the Hillsboro Argus,

In partnership with Oregon Department of Transportation, the HPD [Hillsboro Police Department] Bike Safety Program is committed to teaching bicycle safety to our community. Safety Town is an obstacle course that simulates a small town and includes real street signs and other typical riding challenges.

At these events each child will receive a helmet, reflective stickers for better visibility and educational workbooks and hand-outs. Lessons are given on hand signals, street signs and how to properly fit a helmet. A bicycle is required.

I’ve noticed HPD bike safety events at Intel Ronler Acres campus like this before, and can’t help but wonder if there is an bike advocate working at Intel who helped set this up.

Although not specifically bike related, the BTA posted that Hillsboro Police have been awarded a grant for pedestrian safety operations. (Of course, it still boggles me why police departments need special grants for those projects – it seems like ticketing drivers that don’t stop for pedestrians at cross walks would raise enough cash to pay for the operation!)

Anyway, Kudos to the Hillsboro Police!


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