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Park Trails as Transportation

Posted by Peter W on March 7, 2007

There is a nice way to get from the Orenco area to the North Bethany area that involves taking the Rock Creek Trail, finding your way through a maze-like neighborhood, and then taking the Golf Course Trail (I might have that name wrong). Unfortunately very few people probably know about it because it seems the local Park districts focus on providing these parks as a means of recreation for neighborhoods and it doesn’t even occur to them that some people use them for transportation.

What they ought to do is:

  1. Post maps at main entrances.
  2. Post signs at forks, saying where each trail goes to.
  3. Create some kind of route markers to guide people from one trail through the neighborhood to the other trail.

TODO: talk to Mary Ordeal (name?) if she is still the Parks person for Hillsboro, and talk to someone from THPRD.

I wonder if there are other trails that need help around here?


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